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  • Omaha Works, Early 60s

  • Packing Crossbar Switches

  • Merchandising Dept

  • MC Relay Assembly

  • In Plant Toys For Tots Drive

  • Stranders Cable Plant

  • High Speed Twisters

  • GP Relay Mounting

  • GP Relay Adjust A Bldg

  • Marine Reservist Sandy

  • Miss WEOMA

Welcome to Heartland Pioneers!

The first Pioneer Club formed in 1957 and became affiliated with the Yost Chapter of Northwestern Bell.  As the membership grew
they became a council named Arthur B. Goetze in 1959 under the Yost Chapter.  In 1978, with 1,872 members, the council petitioned the
Association to become a chapter.  In June of 1978 the chapter was granted and became the Cornhusker Chapter.  The Pioneers remained a
chapter under AT&T.  Lucent Technologies reorganized the Pioneers and they were given the name Heartland Council of the New Outlook
Region.  When the Omaha Works was spun off to Avaya they quit supporting the Pioneer organization.  At that time the Omaha
Works became a self sponsored Pioneer group with no financial support which brings us to today.


These are the current projects that the Heartland Pioneers are involved with today.


Photos from recent Heartland Pioneers luncheons and events.


The events of the Heartland Pioneers like the Life Member Luncheons will be posted here.


Remembering those we worked with.  Moved from