Nancy Domina continued in 2021 making scarves to donate to the Salvation Army over a period of several months. In October 2021 she delivered 174 scarves, on January 2022 she delivered 84 scarves and on March 2022 she made and delivered 96 scarves to the Salvation Army. Nancy is a member of Heartland Pioneers Hooks & Needles and the volunteer knitting group supplies the members with the yarn to make items to be donated to charities in the Metro Omaha area.

This year has been very difficult for the Hooks and Needles group coping with the covid-19 virus and not being able to meet once a month. The ladies in the group continue to make many different items to be donated to different organizations in the metro to help the needy. The chair of the group stated they still has over 20 members in the knitting group and plan to continue on making items for those in need.

The leader of the group said that being able to not hold their monthly meetings and turn in their items they have been working on for delivery. They held a vote and decided each of the ladies would delivering their completed items to the charties when they have a number of items ready to deliver. Nancy Domina’s husband took a picture of her when she delivered 126 scarves to the Salvation Army on December 8th. After the deliver she stopped by Betty Golmanavich’s and picked up a new supply of yarn to continue making more items.

Submitted by Nancy Domina