At the Heartland Pioneers Life Member Luncheon on July 29, 2021 Ernie Wesolowski announced that he had a contact at Peter Kiewit and could schedule a tour of the Omaha Works that is leased by them. At the luncheon 39 retirees signed up to take the tour when scheduled. Twenty-one retirees were able to make the tour that day on September 27, 2021.

They assembled at the east door and went to the 30 building cafeteria. The tour started at the old Jim Andry Auditorium and out to the 30 building. Kelloggs is now warehousing breakfast cereal there. They couldn’t go out to the old high bay area as work was being done at that time.

The group then went to their cars and were allowed to drive around back of the 30 building and then drive around the courtyard before leaving the grounds.

This Pioneer tour was set up by Ernie Wesolowski and pictures were provided by Judy Coffey.

Submitted by Judy Coffey and Ernie Wesolowski