The pandemic continued on into 2021 and the needs at Josie Harper Hospice House remained about the same for the year as last. In early September Sandy Viner (chair) began shopping for the needs this fall. The needs continued to be body lotions, shampoos, body wash, baby powder, shaving cream, combs and tooth brushes. Gary the executive director and Lisa the development director asked if it would be possible to add non-ticking wall clocks for the rooms to the list and Sandy told them to let her know how many they needed.

On this bright sunny afternoon on November 9, Sandy and Gordy were ready to load the SUV and deliver the items that Sandy had purchased this fall. Upon arrival we were met by Lisa and nurse Heidi. While unloading the SUV, Gary came out and visited with us before they took all of the items inside. Gary and Lisa thanked us and the Heartland Council Pioneers for all of the items we delivered.

Submitted by chair Sandy Viner and photos by Gordy Viner