On April 5, 2022 the Heartland Pioneers sponsored a Life Member Luncheon for all the retirees of the Omaha Works. There was also a food drive in connection with the luncheon. The food that was collected was donated to the Salvation Army when the luncheon was over.

The Pioneer LML was held at the DC Centre this time as Antony’s Steakhouse closed this spring and a new location was needed to be secured for the luncheons for 2022. Everyone enjoyed the comradery with old friends from work and look forward to seeing everyone at the summer luncheon on August 23, 2022. Steve Dawkins was recognized for his 21 years of leadership with the Hug A Bears project. There was a special Spring Fling drawing for four free lunches for the Summer luncheon. Notices will be mailed one month prior to the event and a notice will be on the Heartland Pioneers website at this link https://heartlandpioneers.com/category/news/life-member-luncheon/