Heartland Pioneers Christmas Life Member Luncheon 12/6/2022

Tuesday December 6 was a sun shiny day with the temperature around 49 degrees. This wasn’t a typical December Day in Nebraska. The doors to the DC Centre Banquet facility were set to open at 10:30 am and there was close to 35 pioneers waiting for the doors to open.

The luncheon began at about 11:30 am with the pledge of allegiance led by chair Judy Coffey. Barb Gray then delivered the blessing to the assembled group. Judy delivered her remarks and covered some problems we have encountered with US Post Office. We will be looking at some adjustments in the future so maybe we can get ahead of the Post Office. Judy showed the group a reservation that was delivered to the pioneers Post Office box, it was over a year late and a bit chewed up. The luncheon ended with a drawing to give away 4 free lunches for the April 25, 2023 LML.

After Judy had a couple of chairs deliver a few remarks about their projects (TurkeyFest and Hook & Needles) Vern Larson of the NRLN brought those that retired from Avaya up to date about what is taking place in Avaya. As Vern was talking the salads were delivered to the tables and shortly after he finished the two main courses were brought out to the tables. The total number at the LML was some where close to 110 attending. Judy thanked all for attending and said we hope to see you at the LML in April.

In conjunction with the Life Member Luncheon the Pioneers hold a food drive and ask those attending to bring staples to the luncheon to donate to the Salvation Army. N.O.W. Chapter 161 president Bob Wolkins reported that when he delivered the food items to the Salvation Army he was able to fill two 2 and 1/2 grocery carts with the donations from the luncheon.