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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Cozy Wraps Update From 2022 Christmas To Valentines Day 2023

In the early part of December 2022 Bob and Carolyn Wolkins were in Kansas City, MO shopping and they found a blanket store going out of business with unheard of final sale on blankets. They purchased 23 and brought them home and delivered them to Open Door Mission in the name of Heartland Pioneers on the day before Christmas. Ron at at the Open Door Mission told the Wolkins that the blankets right before Christmas could not have come at a better time.

Then right before Valentine’s Day the Wolkins delivered 26 stocking hats, 8 Scarves and 6 headbands to the Open Door Mission. Then heading to Heritage Ridge they and dropped off 5 shoulder wraps and 11 stocking hats. Submitted by Bob and Carolyn Wolkins.

Submitted by N.O.W. Ch. President Bob Wolkins and Heartland Council Secretary Carolyn Wolkins

Heartland Pioneers Connect With The Salvation Army Night Watch

On December 1, 2022 the Salvation Army began its 35th year and Judy Coffey from the Heartland Pioneer started volunteering with the Night Watch program. A few weeks later Judy got a phone call from a friend she knew. The freind told her she taken up knitting again and had made about 54 stocking hats.

She asked Judy if she knew of a place to donate them. Judy told her she knew of a group that would be happy to receive the stocking hats. After making a couple of phone calls Maria at the Salvation Army Disaster Service told Judy they had a current need for stocking hats and would like to have them. Judy stopped by and dropped off 54 stocking hats. .

The Salvation Army of Omaha begins its 35th year of Night Watch

The Salvation Army of Omaha loaded up its trucks and set up in two different locations in Omaha Wednesday night for the 35th year of the Winter Night Watch program.

The program is aimed to help the homeless and near-homeless by handing out food and winter apparel such as hats, coats, gloves and socks.

“It’s just so critical for those who are just trying to literally just survive out there on the streets,” Capt. Kelsie Moreno with The Salvation Army said.

The trucks set up five nights a week and go through the winter. Thomas Miller has volunteered with Night Watch for 12 years and says the gratitude for both volunteers and those being served goes both ways.

“They’re really gracious and really nice about receiving and I feel good about giving, so yeah, it works both ways,” Miller said.

The Salvation Army’s programs, like Night Watch, function in large part to volunteers. Captain Moreno says they are always in need of volunteers to help.

For those who prefer to donate instead of volunteer, The Salvation Army is always in need of winter coats. Those can be donated during regular business hours at any Salvation Army location.

Submitted by Judy Coffey