In the early part of December 2022 Bob and Carolyn Wolkins were in Kansas City, MO shopping and they found a blanket store going out of business with unheard of final sale on blankets. They purchased 23 and brought them home and delivered them to Open Door Mission in the name of Heartland Pioneers on the day before Christmas. Ron at at the Open Door Mission told the Wolkins that the blankets right before Christmas could not have come at a better time.

Then right before Valentine’s Day the Wolkins delivered 26 stocking hats, 8 Scarves and 6 headbands to the Open Door Mission. Then heading to Heritage Ridge they and dropped off 5 shoulder wraps and 11 stocking hats. Submitted by Bob and Carolyn Wolkins.

Submitted by N.O.W. Ch. President Bob Wolkins and Heartland Council Secretary Carolyn Wolkins