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Heartland Pioneers Bellevue Thanksgiving Food Bank Donation

This year for Thanksgiving, Heartland Council has purchased $2,500.00 worth of Turkey’s and other non-perishables for the food pantries in Bellevue. The three food pantries came together to ensure that food is distributed equally to the needy in the South Omaha and Bellevue area.

The total cost for this one day is over $10,000.00. Heartland Council is proud to help sponsor this effort. This year, we ordered Turkeys at a cost of 99 cents per pound, 125 Turkeys. This purchase will ensure that at least 125 families will have a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving this year. As you can see, our volunteers work very hard to fulfill the needs in this community.

Bob Wolkins knew of the need earlier this year at the food banks for the coming Thanksgiving and worked with Fareway Grocery to purchase the Turkey’s and non-perishables for Thanksgiving.

Submitted by Bob Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Makes a Delivery the Week Before Thanksgiving

The week before Thanksgiving Carolyn gather up the items she had knitted and the items a couple other knitters had dropped off at her home for delivery. Carolyn first dropped off 3 lap robes/shoulder wraps at Heritage Ridge. The receptionist told her that Lenore would distribute them. Carolyn and Bob then headed to Lydia House for the next delivery. Nancy the receptionist accepted the items on behalf of Lydia House that consisted of 8 baby blankets, 8 bath wraps, 4 pair of mittens and 4 pair of slippers. Both of the recipients of the donated items thanked Carolyn and the Heartland Pioneers for the donations. She was told all of the items are much appreciated.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Keeps Making Much Needed Items to Donate to Those in Need

This fall on September 15, Carolyn delivered 22 baby blankets to Lydia House investing 342 volunteer hours, on September 29 she had 2 scarfs, 8 head bands and 5 scarf/headband set she delivered taking 33 hours to make. Gwen accepted the baby blankets for Lydia house. Then on October 6 she delivered 6 lap robes/shoulder wraps to Heritage Ridge. Carolyn noted that she took 81 hours to make these items. Her volunteer hours totaled 456 for the items she made and donated. Chapter president Bob Wolkins thanked Carolyn for making and delivering these items. The hours were added to the Cozy Wraps total for the current year.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins – Photos by Bob Wolkins

Nancy Domina Continues Making Scarves to Donate to the Salvation Army

Hooks & Needles Nancy Domina continued making scarves to donate to the Salvation Army this past summer and early fall. During the week of October 23, 2022 she delivered 78 scarves to the Salvation Army location in Omaha, NE. Nancy invested a total of 2,100 hours making the 78 scarves. Nancy and her daughter Laura together they loaded seven boxes of scarves in her SUV for delivey. Nancy thanked her daughter Laura – who has been her driver to pick up the yarn at Betty’s house – and also delivery of the scarves to the Salvation Army on 108th street just north of Dodge. Laura donated two blankets while we were there. Nancy turned her hours and number of scarves into Betty Golmanavich temporary leader of the hooks & and needles. Betty emailed Nancy back and thanked her for making the scarves and her work as a volunteer for the Group and the Heartland Pioneers formerly of the Omaha Works.

Submitted by Nancy Domina photos by Melvin Domina

NRLN Presidents Podcast – Things to Think About for Medicare Enrollment

NRLN President’s Forum Video/Podcast Things to Think About for Medicare Enrollment   The NRLN’s Series 2022, Episode #4 video/podcast, Preparation for Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is available on the NRLN website home page at My objective for this video/podcast is to emphasize the importance of being prepared for the enrollment period October 15 – December7 and to provide tips on how to do that so you can get the best deal.  

Don’t feel rushed, you don’t have to make final decisions early, for new coverage beginning January 1, 2023. Don’t succumb to the pressure of direct calls, TV commercials, or literature in your mailbox.  

Preparation is important whether you are considering selecting Original Medicare with or without a supplemental plan (Medigap) and a prescription drug plan or your other option, a private plan, Medicare Advantage. Get prepared before you call an insurance agent or an advertised 800 number!  

The most important step is to read and understand your copy of “Medicare and You 2023” handbook. Studying it could save you time and money, and it will build your confidence and competence. If you did not get the 2023 handbook in the mail you can get one by requesting it at or download it by simply clicking on the icon at the lower end of the center column at  

In the video/podcast I stress:
— Examine your economic situation, your affordability status
— Current health stats and prospects for continued good health 10 years from now
— Health history review of ancestors  

The rest of the video/podcast goes into details explaining our two choices, Original Medicare or a private plan, Medicare Advantage. After you view the video or listen to the podcast, you may want to refer to my show notes, including slides, to read details that may have passed to quickly. Click here to access the show notes on the NRLN video library webpage.  

Bill Kadereit,
President National Retiree Legislative Network

Elaine Hobbs Retires As Chair Of Hooks & Needles After 30 Years

In 1984 a new activity group was formed at the Omaha Works and was named the Hooks and Needles. It has been estimated that in 1984 the H&N Group had around 200 members. In the early 90’s the H&N became a project of the AT&T Pioneers Cornhusker Chapter 92 with the Pioneers funding the H&N. It was at this time Elaine Hobbs was voted in as President and Chair of the group. There were still over 150 members in the group in 2000 when Avaya no longer supported the Pioneers. The group didn’t end at that point and found a meeting place outside of the plant and Pioneers continued their support.

Under Elaine’s leadership the group was honored by the Pioneer’s Region for their volunteer efforts making and donating lap robes, hats, mittens and scarves, quilts and baby blankets. It was noted that the group registered between 65,000 and 75,000 volunteer hours each year. The H&N received the Pioneer Region “Group Award for Project Excellence” and it was presented to Elaine Hobbs for the Hooks and Needles Project.

That brings us to today October 2022 some 30 plus years since Elaine took over the Hooks and Needles Project. Elaine has decided that it is time for her to retire. There is still a small group that wants to continue knitting and Elaine knows the someone will step forward to lead the group. On October 5, 2022 the group held a retirement supper for Elaine at the Village Inn in Council Bluffs, IA and expressed their thanks for her being the leader of the Hooks and Needles Group for over 30 years. Jerry Golmanavich past president of the Pioneers was MC of the event.

All of the past officers and the current officers of the Heartland Pioneers wish to thank Elaine for her dedication and volunteerism in the metro community.

Submitted by Jerry and Betty Golmanavich

Heartland Council Pioneers LML 23 August 2022

August 23, 2022

Today at approximately 10:30 am the doors to the DC Centre Banquet Facility opened for the second Heartland Pioneers Life Member Luncheon of 2022. More than a hundred attendees enjoyed visiting and catching up with what has been taking place in their lives since the last LML this spring. Chair Judy Coffey opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and gave a blessing. She had a couple of the chairs give a short report on what their groups were engaged in now. During this time the salads were distributed to all and then came the attendees selection of their meals either baked chicken or beef on rice. The dessert was a layer cake of chocolate or vanilla with a cream filling served by the waiters.

The highlight was Betty Golmanavich of the Hooks and Needles introducing Sharron Bailey who for years has made baby, cancer, youth and Quilts of Valor. Her specialty is quilts for kid cancer patients in the Omaha area. The Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOVF) was founded in 2003 by Catherine Roberts, its mission was to cover our nation’s military touched by war – that is, to cover them with quilts and honor their service. After she showed a quilt to the group she donated the quilt to one of the attendees of the luncheon. Sharron noted that from the first of the year to the end of August she have made and delivered 70 quilts.

There was a drawing of four free luncheon meals for the Christmas LML on December 6, 2022. The officers of the Heartland Council wish to thank all that chose to have lunch with us today and hope to see all again at our Christmas Luncheon.

In conjunction with the Life Member Luncheon the Pioneers hold a food drive and ask those attending to bring staples to the luncheon to donate to the Salvation Army. Chapter president Bob Wolkins reported that when he delivered the food items to the Salvation Army he was able to fill two grocery carts with the donations from the luncheon. The lady at the Salvation Army told Bob it was hard today to put a value on the food and assured him the two grocery carts had a estimated 100 pounds of food.

Submitted by the Heartland Councils Assistant Editor

Cozy Wraps Volunteers Make A Summer Delivery To ODM For Lydia House

In spite of the summer months, when we usually slow down, Cozy Wraps volunteers continue to work on their baby items for Lydia House. On July 27 we delivered two boxes of knitted/crocheted items consisting of – 24 items.  The items were accepted by the receptionist, Nancy at the ODM for distribution at Lydia House. Nancy told Carolyn they were in need of Baby items.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins photos by Bob Wolkins