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Category: Cozy Wraps

The Cozy Wraps Group Makes A Couple of Summer Delivers

The Cozy Wrap group keeps right on knitting and Carolyn makes the deliveries for the group along with the things that she has knitted. Yesterday Carolyn delivered 3 lap robes and 2 shoulder wraps to Hillcrest. Hillcrest is a new senior place the group has been found to share the groups work with. Emily accepted the donation and thank Carolyn for the donation. Today Carolyn made a delivery of of seven baby blankets to Lydia House. When she arrived at Lydia House she was met by a new receptionist Karen. Karen accepted the baby blankets and was very grateful. Karen was new to this job at Lydia House and very appreciative of the donation.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins and photos by Bob Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Update From 2022 Christmas To Valentines Day 2023

In the early part of December 2022 Bob and Carolyn Wolkins were in Kansas City, MO shopping and they found a blanket store going out of business with unheard of final sale on blankets. They purchased 23 and brought them home and delivered them to Open Door Mission in the name of Heartland Pioneers on the day before Christmas. Ron at at the Open Door Mission told the Wolkins that the blankets right before Christmas could not have come at a better time.

Then right before Valentine’s Day the Wolkins delivered 26 stocking hats, 8 Scarves and 6 headbands to the Open Door Mission. Then heading to Heritage Ridge they and dropped off 5 shoulder wraps and 11 stocking hats. Submitted by Bob and Carolyn Wolkins.

Submitted by N.O.W. Ch. President Bob Wolkins and Heartland Council Secretary Carolyn Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Makes a Delivery the Week Before Thanksgiving

The week before Thanksgiving Carolyn gather up the items she had knitted and the items a couple other knitters had dropped off at her home for delivery. Carolyn first dropped off 3 lap robes/shoulder wraps at Heritage Ridge. The receptionist told her that Lenore would distribute them. Carolyn and Bob then headed to Lydia House for the next delivery. Nancy the receptionist accepted the items on behalf of Lydia House that consisted of 8 baby blankets, 8 bath wraps, 4 pair of mittens and 4 pair of slippers. Both of the recipients of the donated items thanked Carolyn and the Heartland Pioneers for the donations. She was told all of the items are much appreciated.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Keeps Making Much Needed Items to Donate to Those in Need

This fall on September 15, Carolyn delivered 22 baby blankets to Lydia House investing 342 volunteer hours, on September 29 she had 2 scarfs, 8 head bands and 5 scarf/headband set she delivered taking 33 hours to make. Gwen accepted the baby blankets for Lydia house. Then on October 6 she delivered 6 lap robes/shoulder wraps to Heritage Ridge. Carolyn noted that she took 81 hours to make these items. Her volunteer hours totaled 456 for the items she made and donated. Chapter president Bob Wolkins thanked Carolyn for making and delivering these items. The hours were added to the Cozy Wraps total for the current year.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins – Photos by Bob Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Volunteers Make A Summer Delivery To ODM For Lydia House

In spite of the summer months, when we usually slow down, Cozy Wraps volunteers continue to work on their baby items for Lydia House. On July 27 we delivered two boxes of knitted/crocheted items consisting of – 24 items.  The items were accepted by the receptionist, Nancy at the ODM for distribution at Lydia House. Nancy told Carolyn they were in need of Baby items.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins photos by Bob Wolkins

Thank You To Cozy Wraps From Open Door Mission and Lydia House

For the past few weeks I have been collecting finished handmade items from Pioneer volunteers. In the last few day we collected 13 baby blankets, 3 bankets with matching cocoons and hats and 3 cocoon and hat sets. On June 22 we delivered these items to ODM for distribution to Lydia House. They were accepted by the receptionist, Nancy.

Submitted By Carolyn Wolkins – Photo By Bob Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Delivers Again To Open Door Mission Heritage Ridge

On Saturday evening June 18 one of the Bellevue ladies in the Cozy Wrap group stopped by the Wolkins home and gave Carolyn 4 laps robes and 2 shoulder wraps she had knitted. On Sunday afternoon June19 Carolyn called the Heritage Ridge and contacted Lenore her contact and she told Carolyn if she wanted to drive and drop them off today she would meet in at the reception desk.

On June 8 Carolyn delivered 14 crocheted baby blanket that one of the groups knitters dropped off to be delivered to Lydia House at the Open Door mission. On June 15 Carolyn and Bob took them over to the Open Door Mission. Bob dropped the bags of baby blankets in the parking lot then parked the car and took them in side. The receptionist Nancy accepted the donation and told Carolyn thank you. Nancy told Carolyn that the baby blankets were very much in need at Lydia House.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins – photos by Bob Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Donates to The Heritage Ridge United Community

Monday, April 11, 2022, Carolyn delivered 8 lap robes and 3 shoulder wraps, knitted and crocheted by Heartland Pioneer volunteers, to Heritage Ridge United Community. Lenore and Carrie were happy to accept the donations from the Pioneers.

About Heritage Ridge
The Heritage Ridge United community offers a diverse range of retirement living services and housing in Bellevue, NE. With independent living, assisted living, and memory care options available, Heritage Ridge is equipped to help residents with a diverse range of daily care needs and retirement expectations. From hands-off independent living to specialized memory care for residents living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, Heritage Ridge has designed a continuum of care that encourages ‘aging-in-place’.

Submitted by Carolyn and Bob Wolkins

Cozy Wraps Donates to Lydia House Virtual Baby Shower

The Cozy Wrap group received an earlier notice of the up coming Lydia House Virtual Baby Shower and they knitted up some baby items for the Virtual Baby Shower on February 20th. The items that they made and dropped off on February 15th were 5 Baby bath wraps, 19 baby blankets, 1 cocoon, 1 baby set sweater/booties/hat, I pkg. diapers and misc. personal items (toothbrush, deodorant etc.)

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins and photos by Bob Wolkins